Entry 6

So, as of tonight, i won’t be seeing my boyfriend for 2 weeks, and then i will get to see him for 1 night, and then i will have to wait another 2 weeks to see him again. I am slightly worried about how i will cope and if i will be able to make it that long without doing something stupid. The last couple of hours have been a bit of a roller-coaster. I have gone though quite a few emotions. Spacey and slow, sad/depressed, angry, and now i’m feeling very low. I think it is probably because i am going home soon and i know how hard i will find it. I will have to plan a number of things to do in the next could of weeks to stop me from spiralling out of control.


– Go out with friends
– Go shopping with mother
– Get up at a reasonable time and go to bed at a reasonable time
– Eat 3 meals a day
– Join the gym
– Do lots of work (Try and finish as much as possible)
– Do make up every day
– Visit the library often to work
– Make lists

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