Entry 7

Okay so i am home, alone, in my room. I am back from my boyfriends¬†house and i miss him so much. I am not feeling anything but sad at the moment because i miss being able to hug him whenever i want and being able to talk to him and look at him smile at me. When i am with him i feel like a whole person but without him, i feel broken. Like i am missing a piece of myself. When i left My boyfriends house, i was feeling very low and i cried on the tram on the way to the station while he sat next to me. I also cried when we got to the station and said goodbye. I am not good at saying goodbye! I aim to let myself have tomorrow to cry and try to deal with things and create a plan… then the next day, i will start my ‘plan’ to stay sane i guess. We will see how it goes, and i am trying not to be too negative about the whole situation. I know i will find it hard, but i want to do all i can to minimise the struggle.

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