Entry 10

Today has been a good day. I have not cried or felt overly emotional. I spent my morning in the library and my afternoon in the gym. It is usually hardest at night, or in the evening, but i have been feeling very good tonight and have spent most of the night talking to my family. We discussed mental illness and watched youtube videos on BPD. My mum has been reading up and learning all about the best ways to deal with me and look after me to help me get better. If there is one person i know i can always rely on, it is my mum. She would drop everything at a seconds notice if she thought i needed her, and would drive for miles to look after me. I probably don’t tell her enough, but she is amazing and i probably wouldn’t be here right now if she hadn’t been there for my all these years. When working towards recovery with BPD; having good relationships and people around you that are willing to put the time in to learn about it and want to help you get better, is invaluable. So surround yourself with people who love you unconditionaly!

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