Entry 12

Today has not been a good day. I¬†woke up early, and i didn’t feel very well so i ended up forgetting about the library and the gym and stayed in bed. That was a big mistake. i have felt so low all day. I am really struggling being away from my boyfriend for so long. I feel like i am going mad. I have felt so angry all day. I know that if i saw my boyfriend and he gave me a hug, i would instantly feel fine. I hate that he isn’t here with me. I really don’t know what to do with myself when i’m on my own. It is like a part of me is missing. A really big part. I have been snapping at my mum all day. She has taken it very well and seems to know the best way to deal with me. I feel like i have probably been quite off with my boyfriend as well when we have been texting, and i hate that because it isn’t his fault, he has done nothing wrong, and i don’t want to push him away. Which is what will end up happening if i carry on the way i am going. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day anyways!

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