Entry 15

So i went out last night. The night started out well. Then at about 00:00, my cousins left us to go home and left me and my sister in town. She decided it would be a good idea to go into a city nearby. So we got a taxi. That cost me about £20. When we arrived, we got lost, and after a while of drunken wondering, we found a club. That was another £20 i had to pay for us both to get in. Then after about 15 minutes in there, we decided we were hungry and wanted to go home. So we booked a taxi. We had to wait out in the cold for about 30 mins, and that taxi cost me £30. I am a very impulsive spender. Especially when drunk! So i then spent all morning thinking about how much money i had spent and whether i had made a tit of myself when texting my boyfriend. I also felt very ill! So tonight my boyfriend is coming over. And i am hoping i feel better by then because i am feeling very low at the moment.

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