Entry 26

So my boyfriend is going home tomorrow. We woke up at about 13:00 and had another chilled morning. We ended up working and watching TV for most of the night in the lounge. My mum and dad were out most of the night, but got back at about 22:30. Then we had a very stressful discussion about money, and ended up talking about how i am still paying for my ex’s phone and bike contracts. My boyfriend was in the room at the time and this stressed him out quite a bit, understandably. So he ended up leaving the room and i ended up crying alone. After a little while, my boyfriend came downstairs and just sat with me and held me. It really meant the world to me. He didn’t pressure me to talk or to stop crying, he just held me and made me feel like it was going to be okay. After a little while, we went upstairs and talked about what was wrong. When people are patient with me, and are understanding, my outbursts of emotion last for a much shorter time. Anyone that can help me in this way makes me feel so special and worth something. I love him so much and it makes me so happy that even this early in the relationship, he can make me feel like a more stable person.

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