Entry 27

So my boyfriend went home today. I started off okay. I woke up, got dressed and ready. We planned on taking him home on the way to the shops in the city. After dropping him off, we got a call. My mum was supposed to be at a meeting. So we had to rush back home. At this point, my mood had already dropped way down. I couldn’t see the point in anything. So my mum got to her meeting, and i walked home. It was bloody freezing! I think the walk did me good because i felt a little better when i got home. But i was really tired, so i went for a nap. I woke up at about 15:00 to a message from my boyfriend. He was stressing about my money issues. I felt like he was annoyed with me, which he really wasn’t, but thinking that he was really upset me. So i ended up sleeping some more. I ended up staying in bed until bout 21:30. I also hurt myself again. I eventually ended up getting out of bed and getting some food. After talking everything through with my boyfriend i felt so much better. Apparently talking about things helps… who knew. I plan to try and open up more to him in the future and talk about how i’m feeling with him. I feel like every time i get upset, and we talk through things, it brings us closer. And make’s me love him that much more.

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