Entry 35

I woke up at 06:30 today. I was wide awake. I got up and got ready while listening to music. I was happy. I knew that if my boyfriend was going to make it to my house by around 12:00, he would have to set off from his house at about 10:00. So i kept checking the time and my phone so see if he had messaged so i knew he was up and getting ready to come see me. It got to 10:40 and still no messages and he hadn’t been on Facebook since yesterday. So he was probably asleep. Which probably means he won’t be getting to my house at 12:00 like he said. I would not have minded him getting to my house later on at all, but the fact that he told me one thing and didn’t stick to that upset me. So i’m up and ready, just waiting at this point for him to tell me he is on his way. I hate waiting around for people. It is now 11:40 and he is up so i am guessing he will be setting off soon. I had finally calmed down and ‘forgiven’ my boyfriend for going out the other night when about 20 minutes ago, a picture of him out with all of his friends from that night came up on my news feed. I got angry… So because i am so clever… I decided to make myself a vodka smoothie to help me get through the day. It will most likely go straight to my head because i haven’t eaten in at least 2 days! I think i may have just about given up on everything at this point. But who knows… give me 10 minutes and the vodka may have changed my mind! So i walked to Tesco and then met my boyfriend there. We walked home together and then in the evening the neighbours came round and we all played games and drank. It was a pretty good evening apart from the occasional tears from me. But that’s just normal for me at this point.

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